My mission is to make natural health & autoimmune nutrition easy to understand and follow so you can increase energy, reduce chronic pain & get back to feeling like YOU.

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Fatigue is the #1 complaint I hear from clients with autoimmune. Reclaiming control over your energy begins with understanding the autoimmune-energy connection and then how to use nutrition to your advantage ... which foods can build you up ... or bring you down.

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What most anti-inflammatory plans are missing for rheumatic, arthritic and digestive autoimmune, common nutritional imbalances  & simple tips for meal time

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Discover how simple foods can improve symptoms of autoimmune fatigue and pain, so you can move more, laugh more and connect more with your loved ones!

This is a first-steps e-guide for families and individuals who are struggling to go from SAD to gluten, dairy, sugar and processed foods and sticking with it for the long run! The Autoimmune Family Kitchen includes step-by-step instructions, practical meal planning worksheets and 81 easy-to-prepare recipes to remove common food triggers for flares and replace them with nutrient-dense options without stress so the focus is on fun (not failure) at the dinner table.


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Vanessa uses key elements from the Autoimmune Rebuild Triad to help you find freedom from fatigue, inflammation, pain, digestive upset & weight imbalances that can limit activities, relationships and your quality of life.

She has a special interest in rheumatic, skin and IBD, and uses a research-based step-by-step recommendations specifically for individuals or families looking for easy, practical solutions.

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Connect with other parents and individuals using natural supplements and therapies as part of their overall autoimmune health plan. This group is not a substitute for medical care ... it is the smart, practical combination of natural and conventional that yields the best results.

Vanessa shares relevant trainings and fun interactive posts each week in The Autoimmune Family Room. Come join us and learn how to bond with good health. 

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Vanessa has created 100s of clinical nutrition and lifestyle plans for a wide range of conditions including arthritis, personalized weight loss, hormonal imbalances, cardiovascular health, stress rebalancing and digestive conditions like IBS.

She provides customized, step-by-step support to help you hit your goals and learn to how to feel great in your body. 

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Vanessa Bond, CNP, AIP Certified Coach

Located in Toronto, Canada, Vanessa Bond is a certified nutritional practitioner and AIP Certified Coach. Her mission is to make natural health & autoimmune nutrition accessible so you are empowered and knowledgeable in your own wellbeing.

Vanessa specializes in helping individuals & families struggling with autoimmune disease symptoms ... like pain, fatigue, digestion and weight imbalances ... learn how to eat and live for their condition so they can move more, laugh more and connect more with life and loved ones.

She has been practicing holistic nutrition with a functional approach for 10 years, and uses evidence-based nutritional and lifestyle practices that she knows gets the best results for her clients. 

She also has the experience of managing her own immune issues (elevated rheumatoid factor, IBS, eczema), as well as being the mom of an autoimmune teen who is thriving while living with an ultra rare rheumatic condition called CRMO (similar to JIA or RA, except it attacks the long bones). 

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This is what thriving looks like with my clients...

  • JIA and AS - My doctor is taking me off medication thanks to you and my blood work is normal for the first time in years!

  • AS - My psoriasis cleared for the first time in 8 years. My energy is back! 

  • RA and Asymptomatic Lupus - I've lost 30 pounds in 3 months, and my pain has cleared up substantially ... I'm ready for the next step!

  • AS - I no longer need my prescription antacids and I've lost 11 pounds!

  • FIBRO & Type 2 Diabetes - I've lost 40 pounds, my doctor is pleased, I'm sleeping better and today, my friend passed me on the street and didn't recognize me!

  • HS - I had no idea that food would help improve my skin and joints. I’ve lost 20 pounds and I no longer look like an Umpa-Lumpa. 

  • CROHN’s - I’m happy to report that my daughter took a solid poop today! That hasn’t happened in years.

  • UC - Normalizing BMs in 8 weeks vs 8 months of running to the bathroom

  • CRMO - My teenage daughter admits she feels better. She’s the healthiest she has been since the onset of her disease. 

  • PANDAS - I’ve learned my son’s unique triggers. 

  • MS - My blood sugar has come down and I’ve increased my weekly workouts. 

  • HASHI'sI’ve lost 15 pounds that I struggled for a year to take off, I’m sleeping better and have more energy.

  • HASHI's - My energy is stable and I can get through the day, I love this new way of eating!

  • BREAST CANCER & THYROID - My fatty liver enzymes dropped in half and my doctor took me off my blood pressure medication, and now I'm fitting into my jeans from high school!

  • MOM - I know I’m not helpless.There is something I can do to help my daughter.


"One can not think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well."

Virginia Woolf